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Posted on December 15 2021

can I train to be a makeup artist with covid restrictions?



Being talented and dedicated is of course one of the most important aspects of being a makeup artist.  Knowing your products, material, supplies are a full-time job in itself.  Though, one thing that sometimes falls by the way-side is the knowledge to manage your working conditions, to ensure that you and your clients are safe at all times.  The benefits of training with us means that you are fully prepared for all scenarios and can step forward into the industry with confidence. 


We care about our students and fully understand that some may be nervous to enrol under the current circumstances.  

During the disruptions of the past two years, it has been our mission to ensure that we support our students learning experiences.  This has meant that we need to be flexible and take everyone’s circumstances into consideration without compromising your course or learning experience.  

Central School of Make-up are very proud, that despite the disruptions,  hundreds of talented artists have STILL successfully graduated from our school in 2020 and 2021, and are going on to do great things.  

Our student Sarah shares her ‘lockdown’ to ‘training’ story here.

Some of our recent students had questions before enrolling, just like you. Some had reservations and lots of ‘what if’s’ - of potential scenarios they might encounter during their course - we answer those questions below.


 If I enrol onto a course and there is another lockdown what will happen?

As an education provider, we do not anticipate that we will close. There has been a strong will from UK Government that education does not close and remains open.  As a UK Registered Learning Provider, Central School of Make-Up will continue to follow government guidelines for educational settings.


If I pay a deposit for a course and decide to change the date will I lose my deposit?

No. We are committed to transferring deposits free of charge. 


Have any students been unable to finish their studies with you due to isolating?

No. We have not had a single student fail to complete their course to date.

Unlike other schools, our courses are scheduled to run at multiple times throughout the year, often alongside each other. Even if a student was required to isolate for ten days, they can pick up their missed classes again on another course and still complete in full at no extra cost.

Our school model and course structure has been a great benefit for those who have had changing circumstances through no fault of their own.


How has the industry been affected? Isn't there less call for Make-up Artists now?

Absolutely not. Just ask our recent graduates. Yes, all industries have been affected. Now, more than ever the space in the industry for professional make-up artists has accelerated:

  • There has been a lag in training and a shift in people changing professions, upskilling or becoming more specialised which has created a gap for entry level artists.
  • Clients are not willing to risk a beauty treatment by someone who is 'self taught' or not confident to manage hygiene and cross contamination. 
  • The call for Bridal Artists was increasing before the pandemic and despite lots of brides and weddings being postponed there was a huge need for artists in 2021, with many Brides finding themselves struggling to book an artist for their big day.


According to Mckinsey: 'Even before the pandemic, the definition of “beauty” was becoming more global, expansive, and intertwined with individuals’ sense of well-being. The COVID-19 crisis is not likely to change these trends.'


 If I change courses or move classes do I need to pay?



 What if a teacher needs to isolate, will my class get cancelled?

No. If a teacher needs to isolate, this will not affect you or your studies.  We have multiple qualified teachers at the school and manage our schedule so that no teachers come into close contact with each other and are testing on a regular basis.

To date, there has been no cancelled classes due or closures by us. The school is open 7 days a week and running multiple courses. In any one week we may have up 4 different courses and groups of students in attendance.  Due to the timings and management of our team there is never any cross over with staff or other cohorts.

You can read more about of Covid Policy here.  


If I become positive and can not attend my classes due to isolation what will I do?

We will discuss this with you when joining the course, but rest assured you will not miss any classes and will be able to recoup these on another course.


 Do I need to wear PPE?

Yes, disposable PPE is required.   



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office  T:0121 224 7707 or by email:



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