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Becoming a Makeup Pro: The Top 10 Questions from Our Fresh Faces at Make-Up School.

Posted on October 12 2023

Becoming a Makeup Pro: The Top 10 Questions from Our Fresh Faces at Make-Up School.
We've compiled the top 10 questions that often grace the eager minds of our beginner makeup artists. From foundation techniques to insider tips, we're here to provide answers and guidance as you step into the transformative world of make-up artistry. So, whether you're a prospective student or simply curious, read along about how we can help at The Central School of Makeup.
1. What are the essential makeup tools and brushes I should have in my kit?
We have got a great starter set available in our store.   When you're on the hunt for your perfect set, remember, it's all about covering each step of your makeup routine. You want those brushes that can take you from creating that flawless base to defining brows, enhancing eyes, adding a pop of color to lips, and sculpting cheeks. It sounds obvious, but not every kit out there caters to all these essential steps. 
2. How do I determine the right foundation shade for different skin tones?
Determining the right foundation shade is all about understanding undertones, swatching, embracing natural light, and being open to a touch of mixing. On the IMA foundation-level course, we take you through colour theory and you will be able to work with a large range of foundations and diverse range of skin tones.  
3. What's the best way to prepare a client's skin before applying makeup?
A well-prepped canvas makes sure your makeup stays put and looks stunning. In our foundation-level course, we begin with the preparation for every skin type and condition, ensuring you're 100% ready before embarking on your makeup journey and your own clients.
4. What are the key differences between day and evening makeup?
Day makeup is subtle, focusing on a natural look with minimal use of color. Evening makeup is bolder, with enhanced eyes, vibrant lips, and added drama.  During your training on our course, you will be taken through both of these looks and assessed.
5. How do I contour and highlight effectively to enhance facial features?
This is one of our favorite makeup techniques and we spent a whole lesson covering this topic! 
6. What's the secret to achieving a flawless, long-lasting makeup finish?
Expert knowledge is the key to makeup that stays flawless all day. Our course emphasizes skincare, primer application, and makeup techniques to ensure a radiant and enduring look.
7. What are the different makeup techniques for various eye shapes?
Our makeup course delves into the art of accentuating diverse eye shapes. You'll acquire skills to enhance almond, round, hooded, or monolid eyes.
8. What are the best practices for makeup hygiene and sanitation?

We prioritise hygiene. You'll learn best practices to ensure your clients' safety, from using clean tools and brushes to maintaining a sterile work environment.

9. What is color theory, and how can I use it to create stunning makeup looks?Color theory is a cornerstone of our makeup course. Our training provides insights into why colour theory is important to MUAs and then how to use that knowledge while we are working. You'll grasp the fundamentals of hues, contrasts, and understand how to harmonise beautiful, makeup.

 10. Can you provide guidance on building a professional makeup artist portfolio?Our makeup course offers essential guidance on creating a standout portfolio. We teach you how to document your work effectively, showcase versatility, and highlight your skills, giving you a strong start as a professional makeup artist. 


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