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Training under Covid guidelines at CSMU

Read Sarah's Story: 

I joined the Foundation Level 2 Week Course earlier this year and it was the best decision I ever made.

I’m so passionate about makeup and I really wanted to start a Bridal business alongside my current profession. I’d looked at joining the course just before we went into lockdown in March 2020 and was about to enrol before the whole world was told to stay at home. 

When the school reopened in August 2020, my husband encouraged me to enrol again, but as I was working from home I decided that I would wait for a few more months just to be on the safe side.  Before I knew it we were in 2021 and each month seemed to fly by so fast I knew that I just had take the plunge soon or I’d regret it.

Since I had been working from home for such a long time,  I was nervous about being around other people in an environment that I didn't know. I called the school and spoke with Libby who talked through the covid policies in place and the school’s approach towards managing the health and safety.

I also had some questions about whether it would be difficult to start in the industry now.  Libby encouraged me to follow the school’s social media and also follow students who had recently graduated so I could see for myself.  I could see that they were really active and speaking with Libby gave me that extra confidence to take the next step.

As soon as I paid my deposit, I received a pack of information from the school about my course and the guidelines.   It was very professional and there was so much information that really put my mind at ease. As the course start date approached the school got in touch with me again and helped me ensure I was prepared for day one.

On the first day everyone arrived, we were able to social distance comfortably.  The school were mindful to emphasise the government guidelines for working in close contact, as well as personal hygiene and that everyone understood.  They were consistent with this throughout the course.

What stood out to me the most was the hygiene in the school which was maintained to the highest standards at all times throughout the day. The staff work very hard to ensure that everyone was working safely, products, chairs, surfaces, hands were continually sanitised. Fresh PPE was worn daily and I felt safe the whole time I was there.  Working under those high standards encouraged everyone to follow suit and after a couple of days, it became second nature whilst we were working.

Every day, we worked with our classmates in PPE.  The school trained us on how to maintain a sterile kit while we were working and in between clients, they also helped us understand how to manage a situation if a client is unwell or when we cant work in the best interest of the client. Which is something I hadn't even considered before.  

Covid restrictions aside, although the thought of joining the course (under the guidelines) was daunting it didn’t interfere with my study at all. If anything, it was a real positive.  Learning under these circumstances has meant I have more confidence and am fully prepared for any working situation.  My clients also trust me, in the knowledge that I have high hygiene standards and will not put them at risk.

My only regret was that I waited for as long as I did.   I’ve started to take bookings for this year, 2022 and 2023.  It was so freeing when I met my first client after graduating knowing that my training had prepared me well and I was finally following my dream!  

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