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The Central School of Make-up proudly offers one of the most prestigious international qualifications for the make-up industry

The IMA (International Make-up Association) is an independent awarding body who set standards for make-up education which is recognised by leading cosmetic companies.

The IMA provide an industry benchmark for the make-up artist and those who wish to employ a make-up artist. This is achieved through an independent practical examination by an IMA examiner plus on going course work and a simple theory test paper.

The Central School of Make-up is the very first independent school in the UK outside of London to be accredited by the IMA. Joining highly trusted independent schools in the Capital and overseas, by gaining this elite industry qualification, you will become a lifetime member of the IMA.

The IMA currently have registered centres in London (UK), Birmingham (UK), Dubai (UAE), Moscow (Russia), Madrid (Spain), Malaga (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

To gain the Make-up Application Certificate from the International Make-up Association, evidence of the following six criteria are required.


  • Attendance
  • Evidence of Practical Skills
  • Theory Paper
  • Coursework
  • Evaluation
  • External Examinations

    There are two external examinations that each student must pass in order to gain this qualification. Each with a seperate brief.


    • Day Make-up
    • Evening Make-up
    The Central School of Makeup - IMA Make-up Application Certificate

    Each student will need to pass two External Examinations in order to obtain this qualification. There will be a separate ‘brief’ for each External Examination:


    • Day Make-up
    • Evening Make-up


    Fashion / Photographic / Media Make-up Diploma
    Catwalk, Fashion, Black & White Photography, Male Grooming, Period Styles, Special Effects and Hairstyling

    There are four components to the qualification:


    • Attendance
    • Evidence of Practical Skills

    – Face Sheets / Hair Sheets
    – Variations
    – Photographs

    • Portfolio
    • Coursework
    The Central School of Makeup - IMA Diploma in Fashion Photographic & Media Make-up


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