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Have you recently qualified as a Make-up Artist

or are you currently working within the industry as a professional Make-up Artist and simply need to ‘test’ to update your portfolio? If so, this portfolio shoot day is the perfect opportunity for you!

We have teamed up with top Fashion and Beauty Photographer Garazi to help boost your Make-up Career, and employability within the industry and to kick-start or update a high-calibre portfolio.


What we offer:

Half-day use of our central Birmingham studios  

Professional Model

Top Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Two re-touched images of your work (option to purchase more should you wish)


Shoot Accessories including classic Bridal Dresses


How it works:

The photoshoot will take place in our Central Birmingham Studios, where you will have an hour to create a look at a professional agency-signed model. Your model will have their hair styled by our in-house Hair Stylist, however if you are already a trained hair stylist, then you can request to include your own styles as part of the shoot day experience. *Please note that due to shoot scheduling, if you prefer to create both make-up and hair on your model, an hour and thirty minutes is the maximum time in which to complete both make-up and hair.

Garazi will then shoot a vast selection of images of your look whilst you are on set to help with make-up touch-ups and enjoy the shoot. Once your first look has been shot, you will then create an ‘upgrade’ for your next look. This could include a strong lip to showcase your lip skills, sultry Smokey eyes, or simply changing the make-up for a fuller evening look. As an addition to this, and to gain a couple of different looks for your portfolio, hair will also be altered to complement your make-up.

The photographer uses different backdrops throughout the day to achieve a variation and create different moods. Following the shoot, Garazi will send you thumbnails of ALL shots taken of the model during your shoot, including the two complimentary re touched shots. As a long-established, sought-after Fashion and Beauty photographer, Garazi uses her expertise and trained eye to help make this selection for you. She will then bookmark the shots she feels work best in a portfolio. Should you wish to make your own selection of your favourite shots you are free to do so. Additional, professionally retouched images can be purchased directly from Garazi at the reduced rate of £35.

*Please note that all Masterclasses and Shoot Day's are non-refundable.


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