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14 Piece Professional Brush Set

£54.00 GBP

This super stylish matte black 14 piece pro brush set will enable you to achieve stunning make-up results. Each brush utilizes the highest quality natural hair, maximising your make-up technique.


Brush Care

Brush Storage and Care Tips

  1. Wood handle should always be stored flat or hanging down to prevent water from socking into the handle.

  2. Do not store brushes in cramped quarters where the hairs can get bent out of shape and break.

  3. While brushes are not made to last forever, good care can help extend their life time significantly.

  4. Try not to soak handle. Water levels should only be to crimping on the ferrule. Wetting handles will cause cracking and loosening of the ferrules. Dry handles after every cleaning.

  5. Clean brushes after each use, using a ‘dry’ brush cleanser. This is great for Professional make-up artists, who will need to use their brushes throughout the day.

  6. Regularly clean your brushes with a gentle shampoo, reshape and leave to dry naturally before use. Please note: Drying time make take up to 48 hours.

  7. Be gentle when cleaning brushes. Course scrubbing can permanently damage the hairs.

  8. For natural hair brushes, occasionally use brush conditioner. This will keep the hairs from drying out and breaking.

Cleaning Brushes

Liquid-Based products: Rinse the brush several times in clean water. Lather (use a good brush cleaner or mild shampoo) up the brush and swirl it around in the palm of your hand, then rinse; continue until all of the rinse water is colourless and all of the cleaner is removed.

Powder Product: Rinse the brush in warm water. When the entire brush head is damp use gentle shampoo until all the colour is removed. Gently rinse the brush to remove all soap. Reshape the brushes and lie them flat to dry completely.