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What is Air brushing?


Airbrishing for Bridal

Airbrush makeup is a professional formula and technique that involves spraying foundation directly onto the skin with an airbrush gun.

The specially-formulated airbrush makeup is loaded into a handheld device and sprays out with the help of forced air in a fine mist onto the skin.

What are the benefits of Airbrushing? 

  • It’s water resistant which means it’s resistant to sweat and tears. Perfect for bridal and performances.
  • It’s transfer resistant which means it won’t rub off on other people’s clothes when hugging.
  • It feels light yet can be full coverage depending on how many layers you apply.
  • Customisable colours for every client. You can carry a small kit, but customise to every skin tone, by carefully mixing.
  • It’s a filler! The formula we use contains 60% silicone which helps to fill in lines, pores and imperfections.
  • Long lasting.  Guaranteed to last for 10 hours, but Bridal clients have reported sleeping in their wedding makeup (we don't recommend sleeping in make-up) and waking up the next day with it still in tact!
  • Looks flawless in photos! The spray dot-pattern of the airbrush blurs the appearance of the skin, resulting in a flawless face on camera.


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