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Claire Louise Kent

"I just completed my 10 week ima foundation course and it's the best thing I ever did!! The school is amazing and you gain soo much from it!! I will miss being here every week and will be returning in the future! Laura is soo professional and amazing in what she does she has been the most supportive and inspirational people I've met and alongside is becky who again is amazing ! I'm so glad that I did this. When I read the reviews before I started I thought wow everyone has nothing but good to say, now I've completed it i can see why! It may seem expensive looking at the figures but let me tell you it is absolutely worth it and it really is priceless! Thanks again I've enjoyed every single second even in the stressful times. It's a part of my life that I won't forget! So if your thinking about booking a course here please do you will not regret it and you instantly feel welcome an fit right in!! All round 5 star for knowledge professionalism and talent!! All you guys are the best"

Abbi-Louise Wilson

"Recently trained at the Central School of Makeup to do the 2 week IMA Foundation Course. Best decision I've made. I learnt so much in a short space of time and I feel so much more confident in applying makeup to others. There was so much makeup to try and I loved the hours and hours of practical that we had each afternoon. I can't thank Laura and Becky enough. I met so many lovely girls and I thoroughly enjoyed my training."

Sam Hedrick

"I completed the foundation course earlier this year and loved every minute, every tutor was amazing and I left feeling confident to start my own business. Now 6 months later and I have regular work mainly bridal, and I haven't looked back. Thank you CSOM xx"

Anisha Shaikh-Zaman

"I did a 2wk IMA Foundation Course.
Absolutely LOVED it!
Step by step demo's were shown.

Lovely caring teachers
Will go back to do more courses.
Walked away with a Certificate. Brilliant as I won the Competition.
Worst thing ever is leaving the School & the group. Made lovely friends.
Learnt more then I ever thought I could.
Teachers Becky & Laura will never be forgotten.
ThankQ for giving me this opportunity."

Becky Scriven

"I completed the 4 week IMA course and the 5 day hair course. I learnt so much and gained a great deal of knowledge from our wonderful teachers. They gave us a great insight into what it is like to be a makeup artist in the industry. Diana is a great hair teacher too and couldn't be more helpful. I couldn't recommend these courses enough. I am now looking forward to working in this industry and very impressed with the ongoing support I have received from them."

Stacey Paxton-Rhodes

"I did the two week foundation course in April and really enjoyed it. It really helped me in improving my makeup skills and also my confidence. The tutors were really helpful and supportive as well as the other students. This course if different from other makeup courses for a few reasons:

- you receive an international accreditation
- you have to prove you have learnt what you need to to because a professional MUA
- the central school of makeup and it tutors support you when the course is over.
I actually missed the course when it was all over!"



Training professionally in makeup artistry is by far one of the toughest technical challenges I've ever given myself. I am so glad I went to The Central School of Makeup as, although they were super-strict and thorough, I now have an excellent understanding of why and how which has given me wings and freedom in my artistry. The teachers are just excellent; they are beyond the best in their various fields and all of them have serious mileage in retail, pro makeup, LFW and international makeup artistry at Vogue cover level as well as theatre and TV. I have no idea why they would want to spend days teaching Luddites like me! But I am so glad they do. This was such a rewarding experience. I made some great friends, discovered so many new ideas and methods and worked with some interesting (not say stunning) models. Loved, loved this course and all the colour theory too. The science and techniques were truly absorbing. I've since booked more one-on-one courses and am so proud to have started my pro makeup artist journey from the best place. Very proud to be an IMA and graduate of The Central Makeup School. Forget TikTok and Instagram and the online tutorials ; if you are serious about the transformative power of makeup, come here.





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