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Posted on May 24 2022


We were delighted to provide work experience opportunities on the set of Rambert Dance and Peaky Blinders iconic trailer, narrated by Benjamin Zephaniah and directed by Sebastian Whyte.

Filmed over two days at the Black Country Museum, our students got hands on experience, not to mention credits to their valuable portfolios. Our student Rita, writes an account of her experience. 

If you haven't seen the trailer, you can see here.

makeup artist Peaky blinders

When my teachers at CSMU called me and asked if was interested in doing makeup trainee job on set for Rambert  x Peaky Blinders trailer- of course I said YES!

I always say YES to opportunities that school have provided me, as they helped me to evolve in my business and career. I love makeup and I am a huge Peaky Blinders fan (I watched all the seasons 4 times), so it was a match for me made in heaven! I couldn’t believe my luck!

As with any job, excitement comes first. As much as I was excited, I was very nervous too. I didn’t want to mess it up. I have never worked on a film set before, Even I knew I would give it my 100 percent, I wasn't sure what to expect and I must admit I was nervous, as it’s a big deal for me 

Once I accepted the job, the school put me direct contact with lead makeup artist. We spoke on the phone in the days coming up, so I knew exactly what it was  about and what was expected from me - this really put me at ease. 

Day 1

I arrived at the Black Country Museum at 7am, nice and early – ready for the day. The whole makeup team arrived at the same time and we went down the museum to one of the old town houses to set up. The head makeup artist Rebecca, advised me to help her to unpack her huge kit, so I would start getting familiar with where everything is. I had my own little station too.

At 7:30 we went down to the hall to have some coffee and breakfast. Straight after, the dancers came from the warm up and we started the makeup. I did some male grooming and then helped Rebecca with passing makeup and brushes. Let me tell you something, I am fast doing makeup, but Rebecca was something else! The speed and precision she worked at was very exciting to watch! Not only she was doing makeup, instructing me what she needs next, she also managed the whole makeup team checking that everything is as planned and on time at the same time. Multitasking queen!

When Stylist team said that we need to be finished in 5 mins, because dancers need to get their costumes on, it meant we had to be finished in 5 mins, there was no if's no buts, or 'just two more minutes' it had to be done. And everyone made sure it was.

Once we finished with makeup, we all packed our on set bags and went down to the set outside. It was freezing outside. Everyone was prepared to work outside, warmest coats, layers of clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, we had it all. But even then, nothing prepares you for a cold that you feel when you are outside in the cold for hours. 

The work on set involved things like topping up lipstick, making sure dancers don’t look shiny. The same look had to be maintained for hours on different sets. It was like a waiting game, we would stand on the side and watch the dancers being filmed and then once the filming crew would say MAKEUP- we would jump in for two min max and check every dancers makeup. 

Day 2

Nice and early again 7am. It was raining outside!  Everything was running the same as the previous day, however in the afternoon some of the dancers had different looks. On one of the sets we had to apply makeup all over the dancers so they looked dirty, and then we had to wipe it all away as it was never there - all within a couple mins.

I remember the last day when I finished and was walking through the whole museum back to the car park, I had the biggest smile on my face! The feeling I had-no one could ever take that away from me! It was one proud moment and I will keep it with me forever! 

This job was one of the best things I have ever done, and I am sure I will always remember it. The 5:30 waking up and working in the cold all day was all worth it and even more!

The people I met, the hard work I witnessed from all the crews made me realise how much work is actually is involved in movie making. And everyone did it with passion, enthusiasm and strive for perfection. 

Without the most supportive school The Central School of Makeup, I would have never got to do such a job so early in my career and I am forever grateful. 

Thank you to Rebecca, for having me assisting her and letting me to watch and learn from her talent. I have learnt so much! She is one of a kind.


@rambertdance meets @peakyblindersofficial
"Rambert Dance in Peaky Blinders -The Redemption of Thomas Shelby"
Written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight and Directed and Choreographed by @benoitswanpouffer
Thanks to all the crew
Director: Sebastian Whyte @chappiyun
Artistic Director/Choreographer: Benoit Swan Pouffer @benoitswanpouffer
Senior Rehearsal Director: Matthew Rich @matthewminrich
Assistant Director/Producer: Marlea Edwards @marleamarl
Director of Photography: Paul MacKay @paulmackaydop
Steadicam: Seb Joly @steadiseb
1st AC/Focus Puller: Daniel Kolditz
2nd AC/DIT: Stephen Ofori @essofori
Gaffer: Shaun Waldie @shaunwaldie
Sparks: Charles Power @charlesonfilm, Max Conran @max_conran
2nd AC/DIT(London): Nevzet Altınışık
Gaffer (London): George Tsamis @george.tsamis95
Spark (London): Mark Lane
Executive Producer: Helen Shute @helen.shute
Executive Producer: Jo Taylor @joeytaylor99
Producers: Kate Eastham @kateeastham7, Alexandra Desvignes @terpsicorpsdanse
Company Manager: Linda Peterkopa @peterkopa
Head of Costume: Richard Gellar @richardgellar
Production Assistant: @plantsanddinosaurs Lauren King, @rachel_turnerrrrr Rachel Turner, Hannah Tully
Marketing Executive: Nick Boaden
Art Director: Candice Macallister @candice.mac
Pyrotechnicians: Paul Birch, Zoë Forster
Armourer: Mark Shelley
Assistant armourer: Matthew Shelley
Fight Coordinator: Adrian Palmer @aidiepalmer
Lead Make- up artist: Rebecca Rojas @rebeccarojasma
Make- up artists: @angel_aculeybeauty Angel Aculey, @rozay_2021_makeup_ Tellica Roseway, @sadielauder_mua Sadie Lauder, @karolina_bartnik Karolina Bartnik, @riri_makeupartistry
Hair/Wig Stylist: Heather Dapaah @heatherdapaah
Hair Assistant (Birmingham): Hrvoje Magas @hlovi_mua
@officialbenjaminzephaniah @guillaumequeau @danie1davidson
@adelbalint @kymathie @aishwarya__raut @antonello_san
@_alexsoulliere @max_pcd @calihollisterr @naya.bingie @conor_k3rrigan @_juangil @edit.domoszla





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