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Posted on June 29 2022

central school of makeup student shoot

Sara Khan relocated from Dubai and has completed two courses with CSMU, she is a wonderful artist with a good eye for detail and always produces perfect work!



Here Sara shares her experience with you about her journey and some images of her work.  

I have been looking at makeup schools for a while. The reputation of CSMU was known to me even before I moved to England from Dubai. 

I have been doing makeup for friends and family events for 4 years. I was doing these for free, simply because I was not confident enough to charge.

I was so excited when I relocated to the UK knowing I could enrol with CSMU. The schedule was super flexible, there are so many courses to enrol in and add on if you would like more advanced training. 

It was always my dream and passion to be a qualified makeup artist and work in the Fashion Industry and the school provided me this platform to begin this journey. 

As soon as I arrived one of the first thing I did was to contact the school and register myself for the first course which was the Basic foundation Course. 

This course was a great first step into the world of beauty industry. The products they use are amazing and quality name brands. 

When I joined the school tutors made me feel so welcome, I loved learning about foundation, mixing colours and learning the colour wheel. The classes allow you to practice on others, so you get to experience different facial features which is a plus if you have no one at home to practice on (like me). The girls I worked with were great and I feel privileged to have been taught by the best instructors! . 

What I genuinely appreciate about CSMU is progressive nature of each class. The teachers push you each class on your time, techniques and so on. In my time there I was taught by a range of teachers; each sharing their own personal knowledge and advise. They were also from all over the UK.  


Their guidance and experience were second to none. They taught us everything in detail. Their knowledge and professionalism gave us great insight into this industry. It is crazy to see how much knowledge the instructors have of products, considering there are so many out there. They were very patient and knowledgeable, and they even still take calls and texts from me since I have graduated helping me with questions and giving me advice. Once I completed the Foundation Level Course, I had the confidence to register myself to the next level of training for graduates, on the Creative, Fashion Photography Course. This course was much more detailed and creative than the first one. I have learnt so many creative things in this course like how to make flower patterns on face and body, how can we use foil sheets on various body parts, uses of adornments etc. I absolutely loved the airbrushing, this class offered tons of information and techniques. I had zero confidence at the beginning of the course and now I know I can make any kind of shape on face and body. The school also invited me to join some work experience and I did my first runway show! We were given a strict schedule and had several models to get ready, we had to work super-fast and with great precision -which was wonderful experience for me. The office also sends regular job opportunities out to our group and in the past month there has been fashion shoots and runway show in London and a film. All the girls in this course were so wonderful and we got along so well as one big family. By the end of these courses, I felt more confident and with practice, patience, and time now I know I can achieve my goals. We made a WhatsApp group to share our experiences and interact socially and made great friendships along the way. 

All the classes I have taken at CSMU have been so helpful and exciting. I have enjoyed them immensely and cannot wait to do further courses produced by CSMU. I could not think of any other school I would have rather gone to. I am so happy I made the decision to trust them with my career! It is really like a family! CSMU really helped me to come out of my shell. At the end of the Fashion, Photography course my exam was to complete two photo-shoots with a renowned Beauty Photographer, and I was so happy with the results. CSMU showed me how to develop my eye for detail, work in a team and produce precise clean make-up.  

Now that I have completed the course and graduated, I can turn my make up hobby into a profession. I feel like I have all the tools now to begin my new career in the beauty industry, of course with lots of practice first! I really wanted to gain confidence to feel comfortable with clients and I have achieved that. My experience at this school is priceless. Seriously the best investment I have ever made. Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve my skills and to the whole CSMU family to making it possible. I truly recommend this school for any aspiring makeup artist. To find out more about our courses, request a call back from one of our friendly team. 



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