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Posted on December 30 2020



Amid the trying times of 2020, there have been some highlights. We will abstain from reviewing the bad bits and focus on the good, from fashion shows to babies!

Here’s our some of the good moments….


Award Winning School


We were delighted to receive two awards this year,  Beauty School of the Year from Prestige Awards and Best Make-Up Artist Training & Education Institution - Birmingham from Midland Enterprise Awards, hosted by SME news.  

It is a testimony to all the hard work from the team and we look forward to celebrating properly with students and graduates in 2021! 



In March, we suddenly had to reassess how we could continue to reach all our students and each other.   

In between home schooling, long social distanced queues outside the supermarket, lonely days in the office and fears of what the future held. Our lovely team showed up each week hosting industry webinars and creating content that we had not before needed. 

Whilst they were super insightful for everyone involved - actually, the unspoken benefits were the chance for the whole community at the school to check in with each other.

Thank you to all the Team, who contributed to those weekly webinars.



In February, our partners at BCU invited CSMU Pro-Squad to support backstage at their final year preview show. 
Our team of graduates and students joined Lead Artist, Becky Hunting backstage.   It is a huge event and there is a lot of planning that goes into it every year.  The exciting showcase, features some serious talent before the prestigious graduate fashion week.  Congratulations to all at BCU and those who were recognised at GFW.

Thank you BCU Fashion dept, for continuing to work with us.     





We have many partnerships and all play an important role supporting our students in helping pursue their dreams.  Thank you to everyone who has been supportive in 2020.

Thank you to the team and examiners at the International Makeup Association.

Thank you to Elite Associates for providing employment in retail for recent graduates.

Thank you to Ruthie at FPN, The Team at Zellig, The Team at London School of Make-Up, Garazi GardnerBirmingham Musuems, Emma Hogan Photography.  Ben and The Team at ISOclean, UCB, Makeup Armoury,  The Team at Crown Brushes, Terri Tomlinson, The Artists Arsenal, June Peony, The Bridal Rooms, Elegance Hair Design…..and all our Guest Teachers and Friends.


We look forward to working with you all in 2021.



It's safe to say we have a great team here, and everyone genuinely cares about each and every student who studies with us. We would just like to thank all of our team for pulling together this year and going above and beyond to keep our students safe, whilst maintaining the highest standards of teaching.  We are usually a quiet crew, working hard behind the scenes, but a few of us would like to share our personal highlights from 2020....


“This year has given me the time to reignite my love with art.  I love creating abstract pieces for the home and watercolour nursery art.”

“It’s also deepened my appreciation for ongoing work relationships, in harder times”

“But the most exciting news, is ending the year with my partner and I expecting our first baby!”



“This year I have worked on some exciting shoots with new creative collaborators and produced some photographic work that I am very proud of.”

“I have spent so much amazing time at The Central School of Makeup this year, developing and educating students and myself as a makeup artist.”

“During the lockdown, I had a lot of time to grow my social media platforms and promote myself as an artist through my work.”




“One of my biggest highlights was seeing all the students passing their exams.  Especially the students who had an interruption to their studies, due the pandemic.  I’m really proud of them all.”

“I am an absolute bookworm and was delighted to get lots of new books to keep me busy in lockdown like Skin Care by Caroline Hirons and a new David Lachapelle book for my collection.”

 “The most memorable moment this year, Joshua, my son, has started to talk ‘Hello Mommy’ and ‘Hello Daddy.’ ‘Hello Darling’ is my favourite!”



 “The students passing their exams, especially those after 5 months of lockdown.  We are SO proud of them all.  It’s wonderful to see students faces when they have passed.  Especially when you know their journey or personal reasons for doing the course.”

 “We've been involved in a few exciting activities pre and post lockdown.  As any PRO knows, backstage and assisting experience is essential when building your career. Any projects that have lead to employment or work experience for students has been a highlight for me. 

 “We’ve been filming recently and preparing the launch of ‘Central School of Makeup at Home’ – an amazing new course. It has been a tough year for artists in our industry, we wanted to create something that would benefit students, the team and friends of the school during an uncertain time.  It has been a real pleasure to be a part of this with the Team and hope it brings us positives in 2021.”



And a last little note about something exciting.....

The Central School of Makeup at Home launches in January 2021. Our carefully selected in-depth classes will allow you an 'in-school' experience from the comfort of your own home, along with interactive teaching assistance.  The classes featured are our most requested, with no editing and live Q&A's.To register your interest, please email   

We know you will love this amazing course, watch this space.





We hope that all of our students, friends, colleagues and your families are in good health.  Don’t forget, our door is always open.  May 2021 bring you good health, happiness and luck.  




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