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5 Tips to become a succesful Pro- MUA

Posted on December 05 2021


We have heard so many students tell us that the challenges of 2019/2021 was an opportunity for them to reflect and re-evaluate goals and aspirations for their future selves.

Many were motivated to enrol with us to MASTER new skills, CREATE new CONNECTIONS and new OPPORTUNITIES .


Our Make-up courses allow students to get tangible results quickly, explore their strengths and gain real work experience to start out in the industry. 

If you're already thinking about starting your Professional Make-Up Career and training with us, now is the right time to begin PLANNING and focusing on your goals. ⁠

Here are our top 5 tips to plan for success in 2022:⁠

1. Have a vision. 

What area of the industry do you want to work in?  Be specific and then plan what you will need to do to get there.   Bridal, Fashion, Theatre or Film - most areas have niche skills that are required.  The more specific you are, the clearer your path will be, from making connections in the right areas to developing the right technical abilities.


2. Work with other artists.  

So often artists view each other as competition, but developing relationships and connections with other artists can really help you excel as a professional.  From sharing knowledge, techniques, ideas about kits and tips (we're always learning) - being referred for work and collaborating with fellow artists to create great things is only a positive from staying connected. 

3. Find your style. 

Over time you will develop a style that you LOVE and you will be known for. This will be something that makes you different, unique and remembered.  Is it Bridal? Flawless skin, or graphic eyes?  Are you well known for doing hair as well as make-up? This will become your brand, your aesthetic.  When your clients visit your landing page or social media, there will be consistency in your brand and imagery.


4. Step outside your comfort zone. 

As educators and industry professionals, our key piece of advice is to throw yourselves into as many opportunities as possible.  Say yes to everything.  It is the best way to grow and develop your skills and the best way to make connections.  

5. Invest in personal growth. 

Established freelancers and business owners in most industries invest in themselves.  Very often artists starting out will do as much for free as possible, with no real focus on the outcome.  If you have belief in yourself and are committed to achieving a goal - the sooner you take action, the sooner you will see results.   By enrolling in our professional training courses and qualifications you will save your self time and money in the long run. 


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