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The Art of the Smoky Eye

Posted on October 18 2014

The Art of the Smoky Eye

The Central School of Makeup - Smokey Eye

10 Simple Steps…

Step 1

After applying your base and setting the foundation with a powder, prime the eyelids using an eye primer. Urban Decay Eye Potion works really well to help keep the eye make-up in place.

Step 2

Next take a soft kohl pencil, we recommend Rimmel Scandleyes waterproof in Black. Carefully start by lining the top lash line with a thick black line, increasing at each stage until you cover the whole mobile part of the lid making a half moon shape across the eye Taking the kohl right up to the socket line.

Step 3

Once the whole mobile lid is covered with the black, take a tapered blending brush and soften the outer edge of the line. Use slight, soft circular movements. Powder to set the black kohl with your translucent loose powder. This will help with longevity.

Step 4

Select an eye shadow colour, this can anything you fancy! Black, Dark or Metallic Blue. Bronze or Metallic Silvers, Greens, Purples or be daring and opt for a pigment or glitter. MAC do a great range of pigments. Using a flat applicator brush, press your desired colour into over the top of the black kohl. Pressing the colour will eliminate dropped shadow onto the foundation. Once you have completely cover the mobile lid. Use your tapered brush to blend the edges.

Step 5

Take your black kohl along the lower lash line and use a small mini smudge brush to soften. Dip the brush into your shadow and coat the line with desired colour, this will help to set the lash line.

Step 6

Apply a liberal amount of black kohl to the waterline for added drama.

Step 7

Using a warm shade such as peach, warm beige or even pink add a soft veil of warmth to the socket line. A large blender brush will add the hint of colour without over powering the smoke.

Step 8

Give lashes several coats of mascara, apply to both top and bottom.

Step 9

Clean up the underneath the eye with concealer to give a professional polished finish.

Step 10

Make the look your own by adding highlighter to key areas such as cheekbone, brow bone, inner corner of the eye, or for the WOW factor apply a light amount of eye gloss to the centre of the lid and brow bone. Very on-trend this season!

Tip: Make this look softer by adding greys or silvers across the black kohl. Just be sure to apply the kohl to the waterline to keep the drama.


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