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Summer Make-up Survival

Posted on July 26 2014

We’ve all been there, out and about on a hot summers day, you reach into your overcrowded bag for your favourite lippy which of course happens to be neon orange (It is summer after all!) Compact in one hand, lipstick in the other. You then carefully attempt to refresh your hot ‘on trend’ summer look, only you discover that as you press the creamy lacquer into your lips. Oops! Somehow you have managed to smear the contents across your face, and as for the remainder of the tube well, it’s now nicely smudged it all the way down your favourite BEIGE top!

If that’s not annoying enough, don’t even get us started on make-up on a hot day that actually drips down your face whilst wearing it, making your expertly applied that morning make-up look more like an abstract oil painting…..

Now, don’t get us wrong. We are not complaining about the heat, or about ESSENTIAL daily make-up touch up’s. We just need to know how to cope right? Read on as we have compiled a handy tip list to see you through the Summer Make-up Survival.

  • KEEP MAKE-UP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND HEAT: This may sound obvious, however do think about where you may be storing your make-up bag at home, work or even in the car during the day. If you leave a make-up bag at home on your dressing table or in a warm bathroom, think about the sun beating through the window. Try putting your make-up in dark draw at home or in the office. In the car? Then make sure it’s kept in the glove compartment. If you’re in for a scorcher or have just landed on holiday in the desert then find the nearest cool box/fridge and leave the cream products in there for a short period of time to cool down.

  • SHARPEN PENCILS REGULARLARY: This will help to remove the top layer of the pencils, meaning that if they have melted there will be a fresh, more firm section waiting underneath the shavings. This is particularly helpful when applying precision lip lines or eye liner. Regular sharpening will also help to avoid an unwanted bacteria build up!

  • SWITCH YOUR BASE: Often dewy foundations can look overly dewy come the height of summer, resulting in shiny wet look skin and enlarged pores. Opt for a radiant matte to with a light to medium coverage to allow the natural skin to breath and shine through. The thoroughly brave may wish to go bare and simply stick to a dab of concealer and a dusting of powder!

  • CLEAN YOU’RE BRUSHES: Heat and moisture are a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. Make sure you regularly spritz your brushes with a dry brush cleaner. We like Pro-Hygiene Collection Anti-Bacteria Brush Cleaner, and for the extra germ conscience spray a light mist of Pro-Hygiene Collection Anti-Bacterial over your make-up. This clever spray will not destroy the texture of your powders, solids or make-up tools (Make-up Artist’s Kit Essential)

  • DOUBLE UP: Yes that’s right, use your bronzer as eye shadow, your lipstick as a cream blush, eye pencils as eye shadow and lip gloss to add glossy highlights to your brow bone and the cheekbone. Saves application time and also space in your make-up bag, plus you will be proud of your make-up creativity!

  • SETTING SPRAY: Spritz over your freshly applied make-up to ensure longevity on a hot day. We particularly like aptly named Urban Decay All Nighter or MakeUp Forever Setting Spray.

If all else fails this summer in the heat, you could always go bare faced!


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