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Reusable, lightweight full-face protection.

Our Face Visor slips on like putting on a pair of glasses, without the need to adjust a headband.

Ultra stable design anchors to the face on a frame similar to glasses/safety goggles. 

Reusable – Cleanable

No absorbent parts. No foam. Can be used over and over again, cleaned with soap and water or alcohol.

Perfectly Clear – 100% Visibility

Shield comes with a front and back protective film fitted. Peel off before use to leave a crystal clear shield.

Strong Lightweight And Comfortable

Made from high grade lightweight plastic. So comfortable you’ll forget you have it on.

Anti Fog

Unique construction keeps shield set off your face and allows airflow above the brow to avoid fogging.

Prescription Glasses Compatible

Can be worn while wearing prescription glasses.

Colour note – the small silicone fastener that attaches the visor to the frame will be either light blue or white. 

One Size Fits All. Children can also wear.


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