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The Pro Hygiene Collection® - Makeup Brush Cleaner

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The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner

The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the first complete range of specially-designed hygiene and sanitizing products for the makeup industry in order to keep the beauty industry professionally clean.
Whether you are a pro artist or someone who just loves makeup, brushes, like disposables, are essential tools of trade. Often very expensive, if looked after, they can last a life time. Whether an expensive pro investment or brushes that you just can't live without, working as an MUA means keeping them, and your clients, clean.

As a makeup professional, brushes should be cleaned between each and every client and between every makeup job, as well as at the end of each working day in order to remove product and germs that lead to cross-contamination and potential nasties! 

The Pro Hygiene Collection's Makeup Brush Cleaner effectively cleans and sanitizes makeup brushes by removing product residue, oil and pigments and kills 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds. It is safe for use on natural and synthetic brushes. Contains mild solvents.

There are approximately 350 sprays in each 240 ml bottle (8 fl oz) of Makeup Brush Cleaner - that's less than 3p per spray and fantastic value for money!

How to Use 
Spray Makeup Brush Cleaner directlyonto makeup brush from 15 cm, holding the brush over tissue or kitchen towel. Wipe brush on tissue in direction of hair follicles (for natural brushes) until product is removed. Repeat if necessary until completely clean but do not over-soak brushes. Leave brush for a few minutes until dry.

How to Store 
Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Keep cap and top tightly closed when not in use.

European Certification 
The Pro Hygiene Collection® has been independently laboratory tested and conforms to European Standard BS EN1276:2009 for the bacterial activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and Candida albicans within 60 seconds of application.

The bottle measures 195mm high (including cap) and 45 mm wide.

For external use only. Keep out of eyes and wounds. Keep out of reach of children. Flammable.


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