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ISOCLEAN Sponsorship Student Pack

£85.00 GBP

We do love ISOCLEAN here at CSMU.  Not only have they created iconic kit staples that are vegan, eco-refills AND biodegradable disposables - they are now  an exclusive sponsor of Central School Students!   

ISOCLEAN Student Packs have been carefully created with all your MUA needs in mind.

Simple select student pack below, checkout and we'll hold your kit ready for collection. 

Product List

  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner 500ml (99.9%)
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner 500ml (99.9% eco refill
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Brush Sanitiser Bottle 500ml (70%)
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Brush Sanitiser Eco-Refill 500ml (70%)
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Biocidal Surface Cleaner 500ml
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Moisturising Hand Sansitiser Gel 500ml 
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Biodegradable Mascara Wands x100 
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Biodegradable Lip Gloss Applicators x100
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Biodegradable Eyeliner Applicators x100
  • 1 x ISOCLEAN Biodegradable Organic Cotton Buds x100


**Due to the flammable content this item cannot be shipped - COLLECTION ONLY**


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