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Recommended Reading

Posted on May 20 2015

Recommended Reading

Make-up Book Must Haves


By Becky Hunting


As a Makeup Artist, make up is my passion! Another one of my passions is books, two combined and I am in heaven.

Here is a list of my favourite makeup books


The Art Of Make Up

Kevyn Aucoin

This is the first of 3 books by the legendary Makeup Artist. It is an introduction to the man himself with stunning visuals, packed full of supermodels and Hollywood stars. With day to day looks to classic period looks. This book was published in the 90’s therefore some of the trend looks are of the time, however they are still stunning today.

Making Faces

Kevyn Aucoin

In the second of his books, Kevyn introduces us to a more in-depth look at the tips and techniques he uses. From contouring to brow blocking. This book also introduces us to a great selection of supermodels and stars in stunning era defining looks like the take on a ‘Marilyn’ to the ‘Starlet’, while not forgetting classic looks from day to evening. Each look in this book has step but step guide of how to recreate the look. The first in his set of 3 to do so.

Face Forward

Kevyn Aucoin

In the 3rd, and sadly final makeup book Kevyn produced before his untimely death was by far my favourite and a must have. Face Forward has everything I love from the previous books, The stars, his family, who have been included in every one of his books as they were such a big part of his life. This book has makeovers with before and afters on a variety of people, plus key looks and of course his stunning celebrity transformations. This time instead of recreating a look based on an era he transforms his subjects into classic stars. Gwyneth Paltrow into James Dean to Clarisa Flockart into Audrey Hepburn. All his looks have an amazing step by step guide amazing to help recreate the look.

Makeup The Ultimate Guide

Rae Morris

This book is just amazing and great value! If you were to buy any of Rae’s books this would be it. It covers everything from make-up for different ages to ethnicity. From day to dramatic, with step by step guide to achieving the looks. There is also makeup product breakdowns and explanations. I do love this book and like all the make-up books she produces.

I personally enjoy reading the bio of how Rae became the Make-up Artist she is today.

Alex Box


This book is just visually stunning with the AMAZING make-up looks of Alex Box captured by the super talent Rankin. It just inspiring and will get your head racing with ideas. I love the Bio, Q&A and seeing how Alex got to be the amazing artist she is today.

The Beauty of Colour


This book is exactly what the title says The Beauty of colours, it is an in-depth view of make-up to suit women of all different ethnicities from Asian to Afro Caribbean to Latin . I love the personal stories included in this book which accompany the stunning looks.

Andrew Gallimore


Another amazing Makeup Artist visually stunning work captured by the super talented Rankin. This book is stunning and inspiring with its Avant Garde looks. Simply amazing!!

Make Up Is Art

Jana Waru Ririnui, Dr. Lan Nguyen

I have the edition that Lan Nguyen was co-writer and contributor to (the later edition is different). I love the book for Lan’s stunning make-up looks and as a fan of her work, this was a first instruction for me to her talent. It has product breakdowns, plus inspirational editorial looks. I also love the section on set etiquette a must for any budding artist want to work in the professional world.

Miles of Mac

Miles Aldridge

This Book is again a visual feast for the eyes. It is all the campaigns Miles Aldridge has worked on for iconic make-up brand M.A.C. With make-up work by the Legend that is Val Garland to the amazing Charlotte Tilbury and more just stunning.

The Complete Makeup Artist

Penny Delamar

This book was like the bible when I was learning my trade all those years ago. It covers every aspect of make-up in great detail from colour theory to Special Effects make-up. This is a great reference tool for any Make-up Artist and a must for your bookshelf.

Makeup Your Mind

Francois Nars

This is my favourite NARS book. It is split into different sections focusing on a key feature of looks demonstrated a variety models. Each models look has a thin plastic page over the image which tells you all the correct product and product placement for the make-up. This is a great and novel idea and perfect to help you recreate the look.

Body Painting Masterpieces

Joanne Gair

As the title suggest, this is mainly a book of the stunning work created by Joanne Gair throughout her career as a body painter working with the likes of Demi Moore to Madonna. It has truly breath taking images that are so inspiring.

Last but not least!
Makeup Makeovers :Weddings
Robert Jones

This book has a great breakdown for classic bridal looks. It is not primarily aimed at Make-up Artists and tends to be for the actual Bride, however I find this a great tool to take with me to Bridal Trials (along with my own images and portfolio) as a visual aid for Brides to look at and see what kind of looks stand out to them.


Hope you have enjoyed reading my list of make-up books I love.

Becky Hunting

Freelance Make-up Artist and Lecturer for The Central School of Make-up


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