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A Day In The Life of a Makeup Artist

Posted on November 20 2020

A Day In The Life of a Makeup Artist

A Sneek-peek in to the busy life of our Guest Artist Becky Hunting, written by our Work Experience Student Holly……….


I usually get up at around 6am, and take a shower. For breakfast, routinely I have Weetabix, alongside a mug of herbal tea. Work clothes consist of the Make-up Artist staple of black however, a pop of colour is added through a pair of Doc Martins. At around 7am, I continue to get ready myself by doing my makeup; which usually consists of a neutral look, or a smoky eye, depending on how I’m feeling, it is important to me to project an image of myself when working with photographers and models. I do this all before leaving to commute to either London or Birmingham by 7:30am.

I aim to be on the job half an hour before call time, which enables me to meet the crew, set out my equipment, but also eliminates the chances of me being late! A real ‘no no’ in the industry. After discussing the look and the brief with the team, and analyse the mood board I’ve received prior to the shoot, a mental plan of what I’ll do next is created.

Typically, I work along-side the hair team if I’m not doing it myself. However, there is no set ‘lunch hour’, just whenever I have time. Normally, I take snacks with me; although I avoid nut snacks, just in case the model, or part of the crew has an allergy!

There’s no standing around however, the afternoons regularly consist of touch-ups, or maybe even complete look changes. There is always need for a bit of powder, or a touch-up on the lips, to avoid shine; after all, we don’t want to rely on photoshop. Unfortunately, things do go wrong, so a top tip is; always be prepared! Take a variety of products, as you never know; the photographer may decide to change the look completely, after-all you don’t want to be caught short of products!

In general, wrap time is around 5pm, although it completely depends on the job! On occasions, I’ve still been working at 3am! Depending on where I am that day, the time I commute home varies, if in London, I’m usually on the train for around an hour and 15 minutes, however if in Birmingham, I can get home in 45 minutes, therefore, I’m normally home around 7pm.

Most of the time, I have whatever my partner has cooked for me when I get home, which could be a chili or if I’ve had a busy day, and desperately need food, I’ll grab a Burger King, or a Nando’s. After I’ve eaten, I’ll give my kit a good clean, and wash all my brushes; although when on set, I wash as I go along, I like to give them another wash over, and make sure everything is clean and hygienic for if I need them the next day; I don’t like to leave it over night!

If call time the next day is early, I’ll try and get to bed as soon as possible, however if it’s not until later the next day, I usually catch up on whatever series I’m currently watching (often, it’s Game of Thrones!) which then results in going to bed between 10 and 12pm!

Interview taken by our Work Experience colleague

Holly Robinson-Biggs

Year 10 - Hanley Castle High School

Make-up: Becky Hunting